Activity/progress stats or visualization

I’ve been using Omni for as long as I can remember, and the one thing I’ve always found missing was a way to quantify my productivity. From trying to script ways to output completed tasks for archiving in DayOne (journal) or notion, to just a day to day visualization. It seems like it would be a relatively small task for them to do with huge benefits. Break down tasks completed by day of the week or time of day to see when you’re being productive or not. It’s one feature of todoist that keeps tempting me to try switching.

Curios if anyone else feels like this is a missing aspect and or would find it useful


I would find this helpful too!

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I know that @heyscottyj has done things with Charty app and Shortcuts to produce visualisations of his OF data. You can find some of that at @timstringer’s Learn OmniFocus site, but to watch most of it you need to be a member there. You might find other things around the web using this sort of approach. It requires a lot of fiddling though. I just use @kaitlin’s ‘Completed Task Report’ Plug-in to put things in DayOne. I also tried writing my own Shortcut to spit out how many tasks completed on a particular day. Sounds like you want a bit more than that though.

Thanks for the shoutout, Ben!

Yes, I think you need to be a LearnOF subscriber to see the whole video, but the Shortcuts and widgets and a few other resources are freely available: Optimizing OmniFocus: Shortcuts & Widgets with Scotty Jackson - Learn OmniFocus

Hope this helps!