Actual end date not reflected in the Gantt chart; am I doing something wrong?

The autoleveler had pushed one of my tasks to December 8 through 11. However, I happened to get some time freed up because another task was going slowly. I finished the first task today. OP shows that the actual end date is 12/11, even though I set the task to 100% complete today.

If I finish a task early, should the autoleveler move the task backward in the Gantt chart so that it ends on the earlier date? I’d like to have an accurate record of when I completed tasks.


This sounds like a case where you need to give OmniPlan more information. OmniPlan doesn’t presume to move this 4 day task to have started 4 days ago and completed today, because there are many other possible ways it could have arrived at 100%. Maybe you started it today and discovered it only required 1 day of work. Maybe someone else did the work instead of the assigned resource.