Actual vs expected complete

Is there any way to see the expected amount complete for a project? I can see the actual complete, and I can see for given tasks how they compare with the baseline, but if the application is telling me I’m 19% complete the obvious next question is “how much did you expect the completion to be?” and I can’t see any way of getting to that.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious.


Following this post. I’m also interested in finding this out.

@pixie Hmm, I don’t think OmniPlan can output this exact variable. That said, if you’re looking to find out how far behind (or ahead) of schedule you are, the “End Variance” column might output the data you’re looking for?

If you haven’t taken a look at it already, you may also find some of the Earned Value Analysis columns useful for analyzing this type of data:

Hi Ains - thanks for your reply. I think I may be able to use some of the data in the EVA reporting, but I’d have to manipulate the data. Is there any way to output an EVA report to excel, perhaps in csv format?

The overarching issue that I have is that there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of providing progress data, whether tasks complete or budgetary. I find I can give my clients any amount of information about where we are but they typically also want to see the theoretical position as comparison. So at the very least they want a monthly breakdown of the budgeted spend from start to completion, so an actual vs budget can be prepared.

And given that projects rarely have a linear expenditure of effort they also want to know actual vs theoretical completion of tasks on a month to month basis.

All of these are pretty standard demands of anybody who has to deal with accountants / CFOs or the like.

FYI I have found a way to put together the actual vs planned completion if anybody’s interested. It’s very clumsy though.

@pixie Unfortunately, it sounds like you’re looking for functionality that OmniPlan doesn’t currently offer. We do have open feature requests for both monthly budgeting/cost reporting and additional CSV export options - I’ll attach your comments to both requests so that we can keep your use case in mind as we continue to develop the OmniPlan!