Add background color to text box = lose object name

When I add a text item to a drawing, it names the object based on the text. When I change the Fill Color of that text box, it loses the name, and reverts to “Rectangle”. Can this be adjusted?

OG 7Pro/ El Capitan

Quick thought – have you tried changing the background color of the text rather than the fill color ?

( Haven’t checked but I think setting a fill may inevitably mutate the type of an object if texts have backgrounds but not fills )

There doesn’t seem to be a BG Color attribute to a Text Box. And OmniGraffle is not respecting the font popup window when I set the BG color there. Nice try though!

I can reproduce this behavior & requested that we change to use the label in a shape as the default name instead of Rectangle (which would also address the undesired change in object name you mention here).

As a workaround, if you set a name manually in the sidebar (Copy the label, paste contents into the Outline Sidebar) it should keep the shape name throughout any changes that you make. Thank you for sharing your feedback & sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for this! Hopefully this can be addressed easily in a point update.