Add button for AppleScript in OF4 script folder

In OF3, you could place an AppleScript in the OF script folder and then be able to add the button to the toolbar. I updated to OF4 today and see the “Open Scripts Folder” under the Help menu item, but when I try to customize my toolbar I can’t add my Applescript.

Is there another way to add an AppleScript button to the toolbar or is this feature not in OF4? Yet?

And just like that the script is showing up in the custom buttons for the toolbar.

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I was using an AppleScript called Template for many years with OF2 and OF3. It no longer works with OF4. I don’t code in this language, so I can’t tell if it is a change in OF, AppleScript, or both. It worked perfectly in OF3 before I upgraded it yesterday.

Did you do anything to make it appear? I’m not seeing mine.
NVM, just had to update (rename) the Application Scripts folder.

I didn’t do anything. Just went home one night, shut down my MBP, and after a restart the scripts showed up.

Do you mean the script gets errors when running or you can’t add it to your toolbar like I originally mentioned?

Yes, I placed the AppleScript in the folder. It appears when I want to customize the OF4 toolbar. I get the error when I click the button to run the script.

I recommend reaching out to Omni Support by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu. As mentioned in the Welcome to Our Forums thread, these forums are “…for talking with other customers, not with Omni’s support humans.”

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