Add feature: drag Inbox items into Projects

Currently it doesn’t seem possible to have the Inbox open, while viewing the side-bar of Projects. When I process my inbox I would love to be able to see my list of projects so I can remember what’s there (and because I’m a visual person) and be able to drag and drop them, or at least be triggered in my memory as to what working projects I have going.


Open a second window and you can drag and drop that way


@mattmartin26 +1 (and on iPad to!)

Thank’s, huge timesaver tip when reorganizing my “stuff”… :-)

Ok - so I just spent 30min or so dumping my brain in the inbox… Great stuff… Easy enough :) But I got this issue as well.

It just CANT be that I should click on the todo, then on the “no project”, continue to click the very small arrow button on the right and THEN select a project that this should belong to ? Insane !!! There is no way that is the way to do it ?

I can’t find out how to open a second window and drag it there into projects either… But… Why should I need two windows :S

Please fix or its quite unusable - in my eyes… :)


There is another thread on here from almost a year ago that goes into this whole discussion in detail… Viewing the Inbox at the same time as Projects? [Available in v2.10]

The two-window suggestion is the common theme in that thread, although the method that @Brian highlights further down – using the keyboard – is the method that I’ve always used, pretty much since the first version of OmniFocus 1.0 (probably even before that, in fact :) ).

It’s a lot of tapping on the TAB key, but I find I can triage through my Inbox much more quickly by keeping my fingers on the keyboard – that just feels more “natural” to me. You can start typing any part of the name of a project in the “Project” field, and do the same in the “Context” field to quickly narrow down your choices and get what you want, and I find that’s a lot faster – especially for projects – that navigating through a drop-down list. Then again, my list of Projects is usually far too long to fit in the height of a single window anyway (maybe that’s a good case for portrait-oriented monitors, but that’s another discussion :) ).

You can create a new Project or Context by typing in the name you want to give it and pressing CMD+ENTER. You can even nest a project in a folder by using the “:” character (so typing “Personal : March Break” and pressing CMD+ENTER would create a new project named “March Break” in the “Personal” folder).

Similarly, the date fields can be typed in manually, or you can take advantage of useful text shortcuts like “tod” for today, “tom” for tomorrow, or an abbreviated day of the week for that day of the week. Things like “5d” and “1w” also work to put in relative dates.

CMD+’ can also be used to expand the “Notes” field and drop the cursor in there if you want to add some notes, and the same key will close it back up again and move the cursor back to the title field.

Granted, the keyboard-based workflow isn’t for everybody, but once you get the shortcuts down a lot of it becomes muscle memory.


After doing the 2 window thing for a long time, I’ve switched to just using the inspector like @jdh. Dragging and dropping is nice visual feedback. But just typing in the first few characters in the Project and Context field in the inspector is so much faster. I also use command-click or shift-click to select multiple tasks and assign a project or context easily.