“Add inside” Shortcut on non-English keyboards

Hi all,

Today I received myLogitech Combo Touch keyboard/case for my iPad, and thought that I would give OF a go again.

I have used it before, back then I had access to a Mac and now I’m forced to work on a PC.

I like using the keyboard for as much as possible, and especially when I’m making new actions. For this I would like to use the add inside shortcut, however I simply cannot get it to work.

I’m Danish and the keyboard layout I’m using is Danish, and I think this is what causing my troubles.

The shortcut is Shift + CMD + ], and I need to press option + 9 to type the ]. I have tried all combinations of key presses that I can think of, but nothing is working.

Anybody knows a trick I don’t know? :-)

Thanks in advance,


Keyboard shortcuts are a challenge on many international keyboards, since software developers frequently choose the shortcuts based on the physical key layout of the US keyboard.

For your specific case, in theory you should be able to access the ‘Add Inside’ shortcut with Cmd-Shift-Option-9. This works for me on a different layout where ] is accessed with Option-) .

Thankfully with native Mac apps you can remap the keyboard shortcuts for menu commands. Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts. Press + , select ‘OmniFocus’, enter the exact menu command label, and press a combination of keys:

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Oops… I just realised that you were asking about OF on iOS with an external keyboard.

If pressing Shift-Cmd and the combination to get ] doesn’t work on iOS, then I don’t think there’s a solution.

I’m leaving my previous answer about macOS custom shortcuts in the thread in case it’s useful to anybody else.

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