Add task to inbox Omnifocus with Shortcuts


I need a shortcuts to when I create a task, this task stores to Inbox.
When I create shortcuts “add task”, in Projects, there isn’t “INBOX”

does somebody have problems with this?

Thank you!

If you use the Add Item action and don’t specify the project, the action should automatically be created in the Inbox.

This assumes that you don’t specify a tag + have OmniFocus configured to clean up the inbox when only the tag field is populated (in this case, the new action would end up in the Miscellaneous project).

For example, the following action adds an action called “Check Omni Group Forums” to the inbox.

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Thanks for your help! It has served me.
My problem is that I had OF3 and OF4 installed at the same time and then in the shortcut I had put an OF3 shortcut (instead of OF4) and now it works fine hehehe


You’re welcome, @j3suss. Good to hear it’s now working!

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