Add to inbox/complete item too close on iPhone

A dozen times a day, I open OS on my iPhone and hit “add to inbox” in the lower right.

The problem is that if I was in project view, that tiny little “add to inbox” is floating above various checkoff circles for tasks. It’s really very easy to accidentally check off a task. Then it takes several minutes to switch the view filter, try to remember what might have been accidentally checked off, scroll through dozens/hundreds of tasks to uncheck, etc.

It’d be nice if the “add to inbox” was bigger, or perhaps on a different part of the screen. Or it might be nice if when you first open OS, it assume you want to add a task so it presents a large screen-wide “add to inbox” bar at the bottom that fades if you start to do something different, etc. I suspect on iPhone, a huge percentage of the time, people want to add a new inbox task.

Just a suggestion.

I’ve also mistakenly checked off items when attempting to tap the ‘new item’ button.

To save having to hunt down an incorrectly checked-off item, remember that you can just shake your iPhone which activates the iOS ‘undo’ function. I find this often brings curious stares from others (especially in a meeting) but it works.

On the iPad, OmniFocus provides an undo button which is handy and it would be nice if it was also there on the iPhone, perhaps at least in landscape mode.

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