Adding 2 sync accounts to switch between?

Is there any easy way to switch between two omni sync account without deleting existing and adding the other? I keep two OF databases (one for each Mac account - work and personal - the differences in setup prevent a single database being practical/desirable to combine both).

It would be nice to be able to switch between these two omnisync-based servers so I can use one during the day on my iPad, and easily switch to the other in the evening/weekend for personal-mode.

OmniFocus doesn’t currently have the ability to sync with multiple sync accounts. It is possible to change the account in settings, although it is not recommended to this as part of your routine as choosing the wrong option in response to the ‘Replace your database and start syncing?’ prompt can overwrite the database in the sync account.

It is possible, however, to have a separate non-syncing database by using an OmniFocus Document. For more information about how to do that check out this forum thread:

Hope this helps!

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Has there been an update on this - can you now sync two or more separate accounts as originally asked?