Adding a context causes an error message [workaround in thread]

All my contexts do not show up in context view. When I try to add a new context I get an error and OF2 crashes. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling OF2 and resyncing with the same results

Sorry about the crash. While in the Context tab, if you click the “eye” in the toolbar and change the view options to show “All”, then you’ll see all your contexts and be able to add a new one.

Awesome, Thank you

I am unable to add a context without the following error message appearing

Cannot remove an observer <OFMLiveTransitiveTree 0x6000010779c0> for the key path “childNodeSet” from <OOTreeNode 0x6000006a8940> because it is not registered as an observer.

The only unusual thing I have done is to reorganise the sidebar using the url method described by Ken on this forum.

If I repeat the action Omnifocus eventual crashes.


Just spotted that there is another topic on this with a temporary fix "Context behavior in V2"

Basically, when adding a context select the focus and then select all. Amendments to contexts then seem to be fine.

Regards, Craig