Adding a Document Title

Could someone tell me where I can set the document title/name? I remember being able to do that in OO3, but that seems to have disappeared in OO4.


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Do you mean (in your menu) File > Rename?


Nope; you’re talking about the file name.

I’m talking about the outline title that was separate and usable for a heading. In OO3, it was editable via (View -> Show Outline Title -> Always). Source:

Using OO4 Pro, (View -> Show Outline Title -> Always) is there and works fine for me

Ah, for html export. Can’t find it either. Here’s my OO4 Pro View menu.

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My Bad - (View -> Column Headers -> Always). Is that what you were looking for?

Nope, I mean the Outline Title as I originally specified.

Checked with the support ninjas, and it turns out that this functionality is disabled in the current version of OO, but could be back in the future.


Not to come across like a jerk here in my first post to the forum but I’m wondering, how can there be no answer for this nearly a year later? Is it possible to set a title for an outline?

Thanks for your time and efforts.

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@robreed Agreed, it’s a bit weird.

Especially because one can still use the “document title” variable in print headers, as the property is still present in OO3 files and templates. There’s just no way to change it.

For HTML-Export, I’m not aware of a workaround, the title tag in the document is empty, you have to manually add a title. For PDF, you can manually add a title in the print dialogue.

The natural thing to do is to add the document title property to the document inspector. I’d assume this would take between 10 minutes to an hour, if code quality sucks, maybe much longer, but I’d doubt that.

Why this is not done is beyond me, maybe someone at Omni cares to answer this question.

Just arrived here over two years later: also looking for this functionality (which is present in OO3 for iOS) and puzzled why it isn’t provided.