Adding a new row to an empty outline

I’m trying to catch an edge condition where an outline has had all its rows deleted. I am unable to fathom how my Applescript can add a new row. I have tried may different ways but all have failed.
Any ideas welcomed.
Here is a code snip :
– Record the position of the selected row
set tSelectedRow to last selected row of tDocument
on error
– ‘last selected row’ will raise an error if there are zero selected rows; add the
– new rows at the top level in this case

		--set tSelectedRow to make new row at (begining of every row) --**FAILS**
		make new row ?????
	end try

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You could try this code:

tell application "OmniOutliner"
    set oDoc to first document of it
    set oRow to make new row with properties {topic: "Hello World"} at end of rows of oDoc
    return oRow
end tell
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unlocked2412 - many many thanks for your code snip : I added it to my outline of really useful Applescript and the script I have been working on. I’m kicking myself because I tried a very similar syntax which I think use to work in OO3 but did not specify where the row should be created so obviously it failed.


best wishes

You’re welcome, @Simon.

FWIW, the at parameter takes a location specifier.

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What’s wrong with…

make new row

The location specifier is optional. Note that this assumes you are telling the document.


Blockquote What’s wrong with…

make new row

far to simple ! ;-)

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