Adding a note to a 'Quick Entry' task

Is there a way to append or include a note, when entering a task using ‘Quick Entry’?

I’m using OF 2.7.2/OSX

@sbell22 Yes. The note icon should appear. If not it may need to enabled in settings. let me know how you get on.

oh yes… there it was, right under my nose! thank you.

I am coming back to OF after 5 years away… i’m like a neophyte again:)


@sbell22 the minute I think I have OF2 mastered is the minute something happens that I don’t understand! Usually it is the simplest thing that is staring me in the face! What planning/task management were you using in the interim and why?
What gems did you uncover?
What made you return to OF2?
None of my business but if you don’t ask…

I was using Nozbe, i had met the founder at David Allen’s one-time GTD conference in SF, nice kid and I became enamored with the software. It was “ok”, but Omnifocus was making great strides while I was using it, not really keeping up.

What happened was, when i became aware that Apple had opened up the Siri interface so that it would be a simple matter for Nozbe to accept voice input, i started leaning on them a bit for that capability. But they made clear their priorities are elsewhere and were even a bit snarky about it. So i decided to try OmniFocus again and it took me about 15 minutes to realize… WOW – i was totally on the wrong GTD platform! OF is so much faster, more powerful, and elegant. Nozbe is OK as far as web platforms go, but doesn’t have the depth of power OF has. Some people might prefer Nozbe because it’s a simpler app; but for me I love the flexibility, speed, and power of OmniFocus.

Linking iOS reminders into Omnifocus using IFTTT was the “aha” moment that got me to return. But overall, i think Omnifocus is built more as a local app (although it’s sync’d) whereas Nozbe is web-centric; so OF is much snappier. And way more flexibility. The Perspectives (views) really set it apart.

It was like a “duhh, what was i thinking?” moment. Good to be back on the top GTD app. I’ve always like the Omni Group - they have several other great apps and strong support. I keep going back to OmniGraffle because it’s more fun to work in that Photoshop.


sigh. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Due to sandboxing, there are still obstacles that need to be overcome. I think it will get better over time.

A web-centric app does have its benefits: it can be accessed from anywhere where you have a net connection.

The benefits of a local app is that you can utilize resources that are on your phone. Siri and the share button in iOS are just a couple of examples of technology that will be tough to access if it was a web app.

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well, i may be technically incorrect when i call it a web-based application because it CAN run locally. However it FEELS like a web app. I haven’t really thought about why! It can largely work offline. But when i think about it, was originally a web app then it grew into device apps, for more and more devices. It lacks a lot of the device-level features and shortcuts.
And it’s definitely limited in functionality, compared to OF.

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Just occured to me: Nozbe was originally built, initially as a strictly web client application. They added on the local apps later. So it is designed around a web-centric, vs using the web for syncing; whereas OF is a OSX Application centric product with SYNCING.

The Nozbe OSX app looks and feels a lot like their web app, as does the iOS app. Also they are going after the Windows and Android market; whereas OF is an Apple-centric product.

Nozbe feels more sluggish to me, maybe it is the web-centric architecture.

The founder of Nozbe is very keen on working remotely and doing 100% of work off the iPad. I was a little bit intrigued, read his book about it and messed around. But I very quickly dispensed with that as not a good idea for me. I work on an iMac 5k with a lot of memory and three big screens, making full use of the real estate and many great OSX apps. OmniFocus is beautiful on it.

When i’m traveling or working remotely on a 15" Macbook Pro with 2nd screen. I use an iPad Pro mostly for media consumption and light-duty work, occasional inbox cleanup & weekly review. The “all work on an iPad” concept did not resonate with me.

I noted it seems he has an assistant with an iMac in a home office somewhere, who is doing a lot of his ‘real work’:)


i tried Nozbe briefly too…

and even if you wouldn’t have a note icon in the quick entry window, you could always use CMD + ' to activate a note field

thanks hovzik didn’t know about that one!

CMD + ’ pretty handy