Adding a title to a url in the inspector Note field doesn't work

If I add a link to a note, it appears in the Note field of the inspector and also in the outline when View > Show Note or Show All Notes is selected.

When I right-click on the link in the outline and choose “Edit link…” I can change the title of the link to something shorter and easier to understand.

But if I right-click on the link in the Note field, the menu called with the right-click also shows “Edit link…” and the title seems to change but does not appear in the outline. If I then click on a different action in the outline and come back to the previous one the link in the Note field has reverted to the url without a title.

This problem has existed for years and I was hoping that it would be fixed in OmniFocus 4. It’s still here so I’m wondering if other people have noticed this too or is it just me?