Adding actions like "call" or "email" to an item

Sometimes I have a small task like “call mom” or “email Dan” and I thought to my self: why can’t I juat do this at a click of a button when I have the time for it?

The idea is the ability to “link” an action to the item: call, email, navigation etc.
The action can pop up if I open the item (from the app or a notification)

I think that adding such a feature would benefit anyone who’s using OmniFocus.


We’ve an open feature request for this functionality, and I’ll get your thoughts added to it. Thanks for sharing!

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2do already has this functionality. May want to check it out.

I’ve tried them all. I prefer OmniFocus.

Also, this is a discussion on how to make OmniFocus better, not a way to find alternatives.

I truely believe this a much needed feature for better productivity

with the new url integration you can either use the tel: scheme in the note field or build a workflow that extracts the action from your item and can search your contacts… if anyone is interested, i can post some examples…

This is exactly what I do… I have a number of OmniFocus actions with URL-based actions in them.

Some are tel: prefixes, but most are direct to Workflow for triggering specific actions, such as generating my Scrum Daily emails from GitHub commits, emailing specific people at specific times, or preparing agendas for calendar items.