Adding and organizing with tags?

Is there a way to add tags to listed items and have different views of the items? For instance, I could have an item with the text:

“Map Drawing/Creating” with the tags “OG” “map” “drawing”

and I could filter the view asking to see all items related to tag “OG”.

Can I do this in OO?


I really need this too, something like Bear app, but stronger. I lost my notes a lot and I need to find them easily. It would be great if we can tag a sentence or a paragraph.

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Right now, there are two ways that I do this.

  1. Create a “Tags” column. In that column I enter my tags, which are strings preceded by a forward slash. So it’ll look like /OG or /Map or /Drawing. (I use the forward slash instead of hashtag because the slash doesn’t require the Shift key as the hashtag does.)

Then, I create Saved Searches for each of the Tags. They live in the Sidebar under the Filters tab. If I want to filter the view to show just those items I’ve tagged, I click on the Filter. (Note: the results show the tagged items and their parent items for context.)

  1. OR … you can enter the Tag in the Search Bar and do a Batch Find, in which case the results show up in the Sidebar.

+1, please, for full Tagging functionality in the next version of (the wonderful) OO :-) .