Adding Inbox Items to Current Project = Inefficient, messy, cumbersome

Let’s say that I have ten projects. All of them are fleshed out and pretty, ready to go and being worked upon. Then after a burst of creative energy I have 50 items in my Inbox. Five for each project. I go through the Inbox and assign them to the correct project. When I go back to the projects, everything is just a mess. I have to really clean up and spend lots of time to clean up.

I love OmniFocus. But since I have a tendency to have a billion Inbox items (I am a bit too creative…), almost every project I have, gets out of hand very fast. I see that people have had issues with this for a long time, not being able to drag things from the Inbox.

This creates such clutter, so fast, that I am close to just switching to something else. Most likely a mind map (Project overview), Reminders (Action Lists) and Notes (Inbox).

Although I really enjoy the program in many ways (Review feature, adding Inbox items), certain elements and ways of doing things make the workflow inefficient and very cumbersome. In that way I don’t trust the system because everything becomes a mess too fast, and you know how GTD feels about trusted systems.

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