Adding location to Tags vs adding location to Tasks

Tell me why I’m wrong.

Sort of a new user here. And it appears I can only add location information to Tags, and therefore all the tasks they’re attached to. I cannot add location information to a specific task.

I’ve got a number of tasks. I tagged about a dozen of them with “Home” and put them in a Single Action list. One of those tasks I want to be reminded of when arriving home. I’ve got notifications set up. However, when arriving home, I’m reminded of all twelve.

“Home” seems the most appropriate Tag. Yet if I can’t control them on a per-task basis then do I need to create three tags?

  1. “Home”
  2. “Arriving Home”
  3. “Leaving Home”

That’s a drag and looks too fiddly. Again, if I could set “arriving” or “leaving” on a per-task basis rather than by tag, I would have no issue.

As you discovered, you need to add a location-based tag to associate a task with a location.

It sounds like it makes most sense to have all three tags. I recommend grouping “Arriving Home” and “Leaving Home” under the “Home” tag.


The “Home” tag could be associated with the location of your home with notifications turned off. Tasks tagged “Home” will still show up in the built-in Nearby perspective when you’re at home.

“Arriving Home” and “Leaving Home” would include notifications. You can customize the distance to specify how close/far from home you need to be for notifications to trigger.

I hope this helps!


Thank you for the response, Tim.

You’re very welcome, @Zammer.

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