Adding new OmniFocus Task using Alfred

Started using Alfred recently and love the workflow feature. Found this great workflow that makes it very easy to add a new task to OmniFocus using Alfred. Beauty is that it uses Omnifocus’ built-in parsing syntax (the kind that is used for Omnifocus Mail Rules: @ for context, > for project, # for start or end time).

You can add a new task into the OmniFocus inbox using the syntax
“Action! @Context ::Project #Defer #Due $Duration //Note”

The “!” syntax is actually used for Flagging an Action.
So if you just enter text as in “todo myaction” it will NOT be flagged. But if you enter “todo myaction!” it will be flagged.

Also, using one instance of # will create a DEFER date, while two instances will create a DEFER DATE and then a DUE Date

So “myaction #today” creates a defer date of today
But “myaction #today #tomorrow” creates a defer date of today and a due date of tomorrow.

Example: Calling Alfred and typing in

      todo Pick up Aspirin! @Errands ::Personal General #10/3/15 #10/4/15 $30m //Adding something to the note section of the task

When adding a ‘Hotkey’ to directly run the workflow you can even skip the ‘todo’. A great way to quickly add a new task.

I added some code to the AppleScript and a ‘Post Notification’ step to Dan’s great workflow so it now triggers a notification in the Notification Center with the task name that the new OmniFocus task was created. You can find the workflow here for download.

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Thanks for sharing! Very nice script!!

Does this require having Omnifocus Pro? I am unable to add a todo with this Alfred workflow.

Yes, it does require OmniFocus Pro as only the Pro version supports scripting. Sorry, should have mentioned this in my post.

Thank you for following up.

Is this workflow available anywhere, the stated link is now dead.

Here you go. I had it in my archive on my Dropbox and here the download link. Hope this helps.

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this workflow seems broken now as it has a dependency to rb-appscript which in turn is not supported anymore. pity, I really liked it…

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It’s my favor way to add task… but it do not work at OF3