Adding nodes changes line style?

Lately (noted over last couple of days but I am using 7.10.2 r328142) when I add a node to some lines (setting is Straight with 10pt rounding at corner) the line transforms to Bezier. I only note this because I see the red curve handles appear after adding the node. I am only double-clicking on the line: no Command, Options, Control, or Shift keys down. I can reset the line style to Straight but if I add another node, it changes back to Bezier.

I checked the help file and the forum here for any notes on this but don’t see anything.

Do you have a debug version available (not Beta but one that logs methods called) because reproducing this is challenging (like the SWoD I occasionally get). Then I could send you the debug log.

Does this make sense?

We don’t have any public debug builds.

If you can provide a file and a screen capture of the issue, that would help. To record from Quicktime Player choose File>New Screen Recording. I tried to reproduce the issue in 7.10.2 here, but was unable to. The line remained “Straight”.

If you are using a Diagram Style (check in the Inspector, in the Canvas inspector tab, under Diagram Layout and Style), that can change the type of line to match the template when you make any changes to the line. I’d recommend turning off enforce style if that box is checked and you are linked to a diagram style.

For the spinning wheel of death, can you grab a sample of the process? Launch Activity Monitor, select OmniGraffle and choose “Sample Process” which will give us a log of what is hanging.