Adding task to the top of project

Hi, i’m wondering-

Is there any way to make it so that a task that i assign to a project goes to the top of the project, rather than the bottom of the project?

Is there any way to be able to control whether it goes to the top or the bottom as i am assigning it to the project?

Or is there any way to make it so that, by default, a task added to a project always goes to the top of that project?

Thanks, Dan

Sadly not. Let The Omni Group know that you also would like to see that ( Right now you could do it manually by using some scripts (if you have the Pro version of Omnifocus). These could be put in the toolbar or used as keyboard commands (or did I use Keyboard Maestro for the keyboard commands? I’m not sure and I don’t have my Mac available at the moment):

Move to top/bottom

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