Adding tasks from OF2 to Busycal or iCal [A: see “Notification” prefs]


I have been reading a lot about this feature, but I really don’t know how to do it. I use Busycal and tasks added in Omnifocus should be added in busycal as a task. This should be possible, but how :-)

Thank you very much for helping me out.

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Richard van Hooijdonk
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OmniFocus can export a calendar of action and project due dates as events. And you could subscribe to this calendar in Busycal or Calendar.

OmniFocus does not provide any way that I can think of to send items to BusyCal as tasks.

but busyCal allows sync between iCal calendars and BusyCal calendars.

so omnifocus reminders appear in both apps. (i use either much less these days - i tend to use fantastical - which also syncs.)

How do I do that?

Preferences > Notifications
Publish due items as calendar alarms:

If you’d like to be notified about due items on a device without OmniFocus but with the ability to subscribe to calendars, you can set up OmniFocus to publish a calendar to your database’s sync server location that you can then subscribe to in any app that supports iCalendar files with an ‘.ics’ extension.

Upon choosing a setting other than Off, a calendar containing alarms corresponding to the due dates of your actions and projects will be created in the same remote sync folder that contains your database. This may take a little while; you can verify that it’s in place (or subscribe to the calendar on your Mac) by clicking Subscribe. The address that appears is the one you’ll want to use when subscribing from other devices as well.

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Re: the precise meaning of ”Publish due items as calendar alarms?”

My OF dues are in BusyCal - so far so good.

However no alarms are set - it says: ”my alarm: None” is this the Default?

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