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I see this towards the bottom, right of the Omni window? What is the information it is conveying? Can i use it to edit?


From the help manual:

Applying Object Styles with the Style Tray

Beneath the Inspectors in the bottom bar you’ll find the Style Tray , a row of Style Swatches (also known as chits ) that provide a summary of the styles applied to the currently selected object.

The Style Tray at the bottom of the Inspectors sidebar

From left to right, the Swatches represent:

  • Summary (All Styles)
  • Fill
  • Stroke
  • Image
  • Shadow
  • Shape
  • Font
  • Text Position

Click and drag a Style Swatch from the tray onto an object to apply that style (or set of styles) to it.

You can also drag styles from the Style Tray straight onto items in the Sidebar’s Outline or Layers tabs.