Advice for Monitoring (and Filtering) Status for Areas of Responsibility

Hey team,

After 5 years away from OmniFocus, coming back (and enjoying the greatness of version 3) has felt great. I am pretty happy about how I have structured and organized all areas of my life.

Now I would like to give each area a status, but how? I would REALLY like to just give a project a “Status” tag. That would be the easiest. However, I don’t want that tag to cascade down to all the tasks as I mentioned in this discussion.

As you can see in the screenshot, I have organized everything into folders. Each folder represents a “sub-area” and inside each folder is a Single Action List that has two : colons on each side that acts as an “inbox” for that area. Having an inbox for each area gives me immense clarity and the : naming convention helps me easily designate it as an area, rather than a project (besides it just being a single action list)

Since tagging the whole project isn’t an option, I have created individual actions as the first task within each SAL, and then setting those as deferred way into the future (so I can hide them when setting the visibility to Available). That task has the goal or desired result for that particular area, and it has the status tag I wish I could just put on the project itself.

This seems to be the best option available, but I would love to know how you guys track the status of different areas, if you do.


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