[Advice needed] Buy omnifocus 2 for IOS now or wait for Omnifocus 3?

Hi All,

I currently own OmniFocus 2 for the Mac and want to buy OmniFocus 2 for the IOS. Should i wait for OmniFocus 3? Will there be an upgrade from OmniFocus 2 to 3?

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As per the roadmap at the end of last year, if you buy OF 2 right now you get upgraded to OF3 for free on the same platform :)

Here’s the post: https://www.omnigroup.com/blog/omni-roadmap-2017-q4-update

let me just reassure anyone who’s contemplating a purchase of OmniFocus that if you purchase version 2 today (for either iOS or Mac), you’ll receive a free upgrade to version 3 on the same platform when it ships. (And, as usual, anyone who already owns OmniFocus will be eligible for a 50% upgrade discount.)


Hi Rosemary Jayne,

Great to hear :-)