Advice on perspective for "up next" tasks

My current setup in OmniFocus is to have a “candidates” perspective which I use to pick tasks to flag.
I then have a “Today” perspective which shows due and flagged tasks.
I’m trying to avoid to many due dates.

However, the problem with this is that I’ll find a task that I really want to progress, say within the next week to make sure it doesn’t get left until the next review. So I don’t want to do it today, and I don’t really want to set a due date, as it’s not really due. However, I do really want to get it done sooner than some other tasks.

Is anyone else facing this sort of issue, and can you tell me how you work with this?

Many Thanks.

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This is my way of handling a similar situation:
Perspectives for priorities

The actions in my Priorities perspective is sorted by Flagged. This makes it easy, by flagging, to put an action first in its category.

If I understand this uses contexts to set a sort of priority, which is not quite what I’m after. I’m already using contexts for things like email, phone, errands, with certain people. That makes it a bit messy to use them for priorities as well. I will have more of a think about perhaps using time to completion.

Sorry, I should have mentioned that my solution only works if you don’t use contexts more in the way they are intended for. Another way to handle the problem would be to use tags, which The Omni Group has confirmed is a planned feature for the future. Until then, you could use your own primitive tags, for example #nextweek, and create a perspective that searches for that tag.

That sounds like a plan. For anyone else reading this thread, I found this article which explains tagging in the notes field.