After installing Omnigraffle Pro version, the trial version also appears in my list in App Launcher

First of all thanks for a great App. I have recently installed the Pro-Version of Omnigraffle from Appstore on my MBP. I have Yosemite OS running on my machine.
However, I still see the Trial version I had earlier installed, visible in my App Launcher. So I actually see 2 apps of Omnigraffle in my App Launcher. How can I remove the trail version?

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi there!

To uninstall the trial version that was downloaded from our website you can just drag it from the Applications folder of Finder to the Trash. This Apple support article has more information about how to do that:

Thanks a lot Anne. It was so simple. I was just not sure if I may affect anything on the pro version by manually deleting the app.
Just a suggestion:
The Trail Version does not get the option to be deleted from App Launcher like the Pro-version. It may have been better to give that. May have been a cleaner way of uninstalling.

I agree that would be easier! Unfortunately, only apps that come from the Mac App Store can be uninstalled via LaunchPad. In your case, because you purchased OmniGraffle through the Mac App Store it meets that criteria (it’s not related to whether you’re using the standard or professional edition, just where it came from).

Ah! I get it now. Thanks a lot for the explanation.