After new encryption, OmniGroup Crach catcher opens when try to sync

After upgrading to the newest version of OF and migrating the database OF asked me to provide a password for encryption. I typed in the password. Everything looks good. But when i try to sync my database the crash reporter opens every time.

2016-08-04 19:44:54.299 CEST OmniFocus: Sync terminated with error: {
    code = 3072;
    domain = NSCocoaErrorDomain;
    userInfo =     {
2016-08-04 19:45:13.142 CEST OmniFocus: No cache exists at /Users/marko/Library/Containers/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2/Data/Library/Caches/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2/OmniFocusDatabase2 -- need to rebuild it.
2016-08-04 19:45:27 CEST     (CrashCatcher activated)

I rebuilt my database without success. I sync my OF against a a self hosted apache web server with WebDAV enabled hosted on my raspberry pi running on arch linux.

Any hint what why can i do to fix my problem. Is the version of my webdav not the correct one?


Marko, I think the best way for us to help get you back up and running would be if you emailed with these details. We’re not really set up to troubleshoot here on the forums, unfortunately.

Never mind! I see that you’ve done that already. Our support team will be in touch shortly and we’ll be sure to post here with the solution in case anyone comes across this thread in the future.

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Just want to let you know.
In the meantime i was able to migrate and sync my omnifocus database with my self hosted webdav server. Also my iPhone syncs correct after migration.