After note entry cannot tab to project field - help please

When entering a new task I can tab past the notes field and then enter project, context etc. However, if I enter text into the note field I can’t seem to tab into the next field (Project) etc. I have to use the mouse to put the cursor into the next field. Am I missing something?

I’m sorry, I don’t quite follow – the notes text field is not shown by default on new tasks, and is not in the loop of views accessible by the Tab key until it’s explicitly displayed (using ⌘’, for example). Are you tabbing past the note button, immediately to the left of the project field?

If that’s the case, and your cursor is later getting caught in the notes field when you start typing there, you can escape it using one of two keyboard shortcuts:

  • Control-Tab (⌃⇥) will continue tabbing you forward out of the notes field
  • Shift-Tab (⇧⇥) will tab you backwards out of the notes field, landing in the due date field

Does that help?

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Thank you for trying to help - the tip on Shift - tab is very helpful but tabs backwards.

What happens is that I enter the task name, tab which lands on the notes icon, hit space bar which enables me to write a note, and then I am stuck in the notes tab. Control tab doesn’t seem to work for me in that instance. The only way out is as you recommended, to Shift tab which takes me to the due date, shift tab again to the defer date and on to context and project -which is all backwards.

If I tab past the notes icon to fill in the project, dates etc, then I don’t seem to be able to get to the notes field easily to put the note in.

I think I must be missing something here as, surely it’s logical to put in the task name, the note, decide where it belongs and the date(s) if necessary in that order.

Remember that you can always get to the note field for your selected task by hitting Command-Quote (⌘’), and toggle back out again using the same shortcut. You might be able to get your desired workflow by doing:

  • Edit the task’s title
  • Hit ⌘’ and edit the note
  • Hit ⌘’ again, then press Tab to get to the project field
  • Continue tabbing through the rest of the fields in order
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That’s it! Brilliant, thank you - that’s the bit I was missing - combining the tabbing with the command quote. Thank you, this will make all the difference to my workflow - I seem to get so many tasks that require notes!

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