After review, review highlight stays on

I have a number of projects set to review daily. I have highlight turned on for the review perspective, and assume this indicates I have projects left to review. However when I finish reviewing all my projects in this perspective, marking them all as reviewed, the list is empty but the highlighting remains. Later in the day it looks like I still have projects to review, but the list is still empty. Is this a bug or have a missed something?

Are you perhaps looking at only part of your library using the ‘focus’ functionality?
You can tell if there is a bar across the top of your omnifocus window saying ‘Focusing on [Xxxx]’.
Probably there are unreviewed projects that are out of the scope of your current focus, try pressing the unfocus button on the right and see if the projects to review show up now.

Thanks for your reply. I only have the standard(non pro) version so am not/can not use the focus functionality. I hope to upgrade to the pro version once I get better at the standard version. This may take a while ☺

Hi there,

Sorry for the trouble! Is there anything in the Search field that could be filtering the display? If the Search field is clear, what is the view setting set to? To see that, select Menu Bar ▸ View ▸ Show View Options.

If adjusting the view setting doesn’t work, would you mind emailing us at so we can investigate this? Please include the URL for this forum thread for reference and a screenshot of what you’re seeing. To capture a screenshot on a Mac, ⌘⇧4 (command-shift-4) will give you a selection cursor to click and drag over your window. The resulting screenshot will save to your desktop for easy attachment to the email.

Thank you!

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Thanks Anne! I revisited my View settings and sure enough I had Active instead of Remaining checked and I had 2 projects on-hold with current Review dates. Don’t know how I missed it but all good now, thanks.

Thanks for letting me know! I feel like that might be unintended behavior. It seems like if nothing meets the view criteria maybe the tab shouldn’t be highlighted. I’ve filed this as a possible bug for the rest of the OmniFocus team to discuss and consider. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Actually I wouldn’t consider it a bug. If it wasn’t highlighted I would probably never have reviewed it. So now I have a new monthly action: Review On-hold projects :)