Agile / Scrum features

Are there any plans to add any Agile / Scrum features to OmniPlan? For example:

  • Backlogs / management
  • Sprints / management
  • Point estimation
  • Burndown charts
  • Velocity charts

OmniPlan looks like primarily a waterfall-oriented tool. I’d be interested to know if / when Agile / Scrum features might make an appearance. I’d also be interested to know if they are no plans to add these as well.




is this predicted at some point or will it never be? +1

I doubt it will ever happen - OP isn’t built for that.

On my projects, I use OP for the higher level planning and scheduling and alternatives such as Trello, JIRA for low-level activity management

Sometimes I have some customers who use MS Project, and I see that they can solve all their planning with just one tool