Aha! That's what a flag looks like? Why is it different on my screen?

You know how when you hover over the check circle, a little flag appears over it?

It doesn’t on mine. I only know what it’s supposed to look like because I spotted it in a video.

On my screen, instead of a neat little flag icon, I get an ugly bitten-off square like this:

I reported that as a bug during the beta, certain that it was a display fault, and Omni support told me it was deliberate. I realise now that I can’t have been explaining well enough what I was seeing because what you are supposed to get looks good to me. It’s this display fault that looks so bad. Omni support must’ve thought I was mad. And I was thinking OmniFocus’s designers were unusually lapse.

Does anyone else have this or do you all get the proper flag?

And do you have any idea how I can get rid of it, how I can make it be the flag it longs to be?

Just to be clear, I bought the release so that screen grab was from the shipping version, not the beta.

Thanks for any help.


On hover, I get the exact same thing. I only get the flag if I actually click in the region.

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On hover Omnifocus 2 will give you the “wedge” like item, this gives you a quick and large clickable area to quickly flag stuff.

When an item is marked as flagged, then you will see the small flag icon in that area.


We’ve posted a video in which Bill, our UX lead, describes the design of task rows in OmniFocus 2. It’s worth checking out!

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No URL in the link.

Fixed; thanks.

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Thanks, but it’s not the thinking behind it and it’s not the flag per se that I think is ugly, it’s what he calls the orange wedge. I know it’s a trivial thing, I’m not expecting anyone to change anything, but I think OmniFocus 2’s design is exquisite – apart from that wedge. It’s just so like a display mistake, the kind of thing where something isn’t rendered right, where the asset isn’t there yet.