Alerts and Reminders

When OmniFocus can send an alert or reminder to your phone then it would be the perfect application.
Maybe one day?

OmniFocus already supports time and location-based notifications, which will display on your iPhone (as long as you have notification enabled). Where do you find this falls short?

I’m sorry I should have elaborated a lot on this. So let me explain.
I work from home and am stuck having to use a PC, but I use OmniFocus on my Mac (desktop, ipad, etc.). Given that, there is no way to get a reminder on the PC so if an email was sent as a reminder you could get the reminder anywhere and not be dependent on a device.
Just my wish, that’s all. I use the Web Version of OmniFocus when I’m working but only for quick needed entries.
Any thoughts?
Thanks for your reply.

To clarify, do you want OmniFocus to send reminders by email? If so, what sort of things do you want to be reminded about?

Why not use the web version of OF on your pc?