Alexa to Omnifocus Inbox through Reminders & IFTTT

Just to share a quick note, I may be the last one to find out, but just in case. There are older threads on this bur they are closed.

I am quite frustrated with Siri voice commands, and prefer Alexa, since it understands my voice so much better and is more consistent in the answers too. So to me is a clear gain to use Alexa task list synced (one way only) with Omnifocus Inbox.
You can do the same with Siri through Reminders integration with Omnifocus, and (even worst) with Omnificus / Siri integration, but as I said, Siri makes too many mistakes

Since it seems omnifocus will not integrate directly with Alexa anytime soon there’s a workaround I just found in IFTT applets and works fine.

The trick is using IFTT to go from Alexa to IOS Reminders, instead of Siri.

Just login in IFTT and install this applet

Make sure Omnifocus IOS settings has the ‘Reminders’ option activated to the list you want to use

You’r ready to go! It takes maybe 30 seconds to get to Omnifocus in my case.
(for the applet to run you need to run IFTT in your iphone)

A (small?) inconvenient. Unlike Reminders, Alexa tasks do not clear themselves when the applet is run, so you need to ask Alexa to clear the list or items yourself.