Alignment of orthogonal lines along the grid

When I draw orthogonal lines connecting two objects, such lines are not always exactly aligned on the grid. If I draw the line without connecting it to an object, it is aligned on the grid perfectly, however. The screenshots below should give you an idea. To reproduce, just draw a couple of rectangles, add magnets to their sides so that the magnets are aligned on the grid, then connect them with an orthogonal line. The relevant settings I have used are as follows:

  • Major Grid Step: 1cm
  • Minor Grid Steps: 10
  • Snap to grid: checked
  • Line thickness: .72pt
  • Route from object centers: unchecked
  • Arrange > Guides > Smart Alignment Guides: unchecked
  • Arrange > Guides > Smart Distance Guides: unchecked

I have tried Arrange > Grid > Align Objects to Grid, Arrange > Align > Align Edges to Grid and Arrange > Align > Align Centers to Grid, but they do not move the line at all. Any idea?


It looks like the line is snapping to the minor grid you specified to me. If you change the Minor grid value to 0, does it work how you expect it to? If so, you may want to email us a feature request to add a “Snap to Major Grid” feature. If I’ve misunderstood the issue, please upload an example OmniGraffle document here and we’d be glad to take a look so that we can see what exactly it is snapping to.