All my links are broken

I don’t know how the links work but now all the links in my file are broken.
Result or renaming a file maybe ? or ?

It would be great to have a global bullet-proof link system because now I will lose a lot of time relinking thousands of links

version 4.4

Are you linking to a file on your device? (Using the “Attach File” menu option under “Edit”) If so, when you’re attaching that file, select “Embed the file in the document” in the file panel. This does increase the size of the OmniOutliner file, but it’s a bullet-proof method to keep those attached file links working.

hi toish

I’m talking about links to rows, those links created with “Copy > Copy as Link”

Hmm, row links are a reference to the id attribute of a row. That id is generated at the creation of target row. I don’t know what would cause the ids to change. Would it be possible to send me a copy of this file so I can look at the xml? If so, please email it to and reference this ticket. Thanks!

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