All tasks disappeared... why? How?

I have used Omnifocus on my iPhone for a few years and now Omnifocus 2 for Mac on my new Mac since November, syncing through the server. So far all OK, but today I noticed that Omnifocus has REALLY given me a fresh start for the new year: ALL my tasks have disappeared from contexts. Projects seem to be OK. The tasks were not connected to projects.

Why and how does this happen? How can I trust my Omnifocus in the future? Is there some kind of security back up system I should use? Is there any way to get the tasks back? Both my Mac & iPhone have synced normally and both devices look the same, no tasks. Is there any back up on the server that I might be able to revert to.

I must say that I am QUITE disappointed at this. No huge disaster, since I´m still just learning to use my system, but I did buy Omnifocus thinking I would make it THE system for my GTD and now I feel that I can´t trust it AT ALL.

I hope someone can help.

I’m really sorry to hear about this! I think our Support team is your best bet for help – send them an email and let them know what happened. They’ll be sure to straighten out your database.

If you’re using the Mac version quite often, there should be backups on your Mac. In OmniFocus for Mac, go to “File” / “Show Backups”. You’d find a whole list of backups there. Scroll through the dates and choose one that looks expediently.

Double-click it to get a preview of its content. If this is what you’re looking for, click “Revert to this Backup”. If not, try a different.

When you’ve found a backup that represents the state you’d like to get back to, revert your database to that state, then go to “File” / “Replace Server Database” to get your (newly rebuild) content synced throughout your devices.

Sorry my English isn’t the best. Hope this reply helps anyway.


Thomas THANK YOU! Your English is perfect and your reply saved my day!

I could find the 31.12. version, it really seems that things disappeared as the year changed. I won´t revert to it as I have entered quite a bit of new stuff, but I could at least take “pictures” of the screens of the most important contexts and there’s not that much work in re-entering the critical tasks back to my system.

It helps to know that there is a regular and automatic back up, but I´m still waiting to hear back from Omni support to see WHY this happened.

Hey kris,

glad I was able to help you.

Since I don’t belong to the OmniGroup I can’t speak for them but I think a sync server hiccup could be the reason.

I know the feeling when a “trusted system” is starting to act wonky.

I currently experience heavy OmniSync issues. Most of the time the sync is extremely slow, but sometimes the iOS clients don’t get synced at all - at least not automatically.

And I’m tired of manually syncing 3 devices every time I edit something. Otherwise I’m having outdated reminders popping up around me all the time. And OF 2 for iPad freezes twice daily.

Not sure how long I’m willing to play that game. Boring!