Alphabetizing Contexts and/or Projects

Is there a way to quickly alphabetize Projects and/or Contexts without having to drag them?

@5280, In the sidebar, I think you should be able to select any group of Projects and/or Contexts and right-click and choose the Sort command from the pop-out menu.

However, as of now, there are some inconsistencies with the Sort command. It looks like you can do all that I describe above with Projects - however, with Contexts, it seems to only work at the sub-context level.

Additionally, I have filed a bug with ofpreview (and also entered a topic here in Discourse) concerning the current state of sorting the Inbox. As of now, you cannot sort in the Inbox at all (and that used to work).

You can select a bunch of Projects then right-click Sort. I wish this was an automatic option. It doesn’t look like you can sort the Contexts the same way.

I am not even seeing the possibility to sort the projects as described. When I right click sort is not an option (presuming I am accessing the projects from the left most vertical toolbar).

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@Revearti, and now it looks like even Contexts can be sorted in the same way! :)

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Did this recently get added? I could of sworn I was unable to sort Contexts yesterday. I see it now. Very cool!

Haven’t checked it for a while. I’ve been testing Projects and the Inbox. For some reason, today I decided to test Contexts. :)

Got it thanks. Context alphabetizing as well.