Alternate layout to minimise central white space on large screens

Am running OmniFocus 2 on a large (1920x1200) screen, and struggling with the wide river of space down the centre, making it hard visually to link the circle and actual tasks.

Not adverse to having the circles on the right, but feel they need to be brought closer to the actual tasks so that the eye doesn’t loose the relationship when scanning left-to-right.

My proposal is as follows:

The vertical divider between the task list and Inspector could be slid left-to-right, increasing the width of the note area as required.

Another advantage here is the extra space given to notes, including perhaps putting links, thumbnails, images, documents, etc. inline where appropriate.


Andy W


I would love to have that when I’m in the office and have my thunderbolt display, and if I could toggle it off when I’m using my MBA display that would be great.

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I love it +1

What I like about it is the fact it gives more visibility to notes. That is the one thing I love about Things 3 is that notes are not relegated to 2nd class citizens, but prominent which is key to me, especially in review.