Alternative Mail Apps


I am looking into alternative mail app. The native apple Mail works fine, but I am tempted by some features of Spark.
Anyone with some experience with it?

I work with personal iCloud account and work exchange.

So far what I’m missing is deeper contact integration. In Apple Mail (both iOS and Mac) I could go to contact card from sender field and e.g. call this person.
I also miss a shortcut for given inbox (in Mail App I have cmd 1 for iCloud and cmd 2 for exchange)

What I really like is the automated categorization and actions that I can perform on categorized mails. Plus - I can only have notification for most important mails.

I’ve been using Microsoft Outlook on the Mac for a few years now at work where our mail system is Google. It’s very reliable and MS have begun introducing better Gmail integration via the Insider Fast program (which will roll out to all users in due course). This means email, calendar and contacts all within the one app, and of course it integrates nicely with Excel and Word.

A key feature for me is the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to file (move) mail. Apple mail can’t do this so I just can’t use it.

I’ve tried Spark - it’s nice both on Mac and iOS. The integration with OF on the Mac is great - you get the choice of inserting the email or a link. It also has some neat features such as ‘snooze’ and swipe options. All mail in the inbox appears in bold font even if read which I find annoying - unread messages are indicated by the ubiquitous blue dot.

Spark is definitely worth a look.

Spark is cute in the way it organizes your inbox. I tried it on and off last year while trying out different mail apps and finally landed on Airmail. It was clunky when it started using it, but the larger number of integration with other apps, multiple signature handling, and builtin/custom actions features won me over . Occasionally I try out the stock apps, which I’m doing this month, but it looks like Airmail is staying. I also refreshed on Reminders and Calendars. Reminders almost beat out Omnifocus, but it’s staying. I’m trying out Calendars now, and it just must beat out Fantastical 2, which I’m currently using.

I recommend Airmail. It’s the best email client I’ve tried for Mac and iOS. Canary Mail is another option. It’s a newer email client, but is gradually getting better and better. It’s not yet on the level of Airmail, but it’s been vastly improving.

I’d rather use your own mailing service. Meaning you can buy private corporate domain with mail in it. You will get a site( wether u need it or not) and free unique mailbox. It moght be like $10/ year, depending on service provider

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