Alternative payment/subscription models

Hi, I’m not sure if this belongs more in the Lounge, but I’m mainly a user of OF and I wanted to start a discussion about alternative payment/subscription models. Have people read about the “Cash Cow” model - popularized by apps like Agenda, Sketch and Concepts?

Please see:

My free trial is up and although I like OF and would like to support Omni, neither of the options leave me feeling very good, especially after being exposed to the IMO superior options provided by the aforementioned apps.

  • If I pay up front to “own” OF, at some unknown point in the future when the next major version is released the version I own will no longer be supported with even basic bug fixes

  • If I opt for a subscription, I have too many of these already. It would be more accurately termed a “rental”, since you lose access as soon as you stop paying. I’m looking for a GTD solution for the long haul and the idea of spending $1000 every 10 years is a little bit out of my budget, to say the least, even if it is the best there is out there :)

The cash cow model is fascinating and addresses all of these concerns, at the cost of some up-front infrastructure work on the developer side. I do highly recommend you read the articles on Agenda’s Medium page if you’re not already familiar:

I know the OmniGroup is probably already stuffed to the brim with other priorities but wouldn’t it be amazing if the next version of OF implemented some variation of this?

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