Am I missing something in dragging files onto actions?

I often wish to add a file to an existing action. I feel like in OF1, you could drag and drop the file onto the action for that to happen. In OF2, doing so gets you a new action, nested underneath the action unto which you dragged it. I’ve noticed that opening the note field and dragging into it gives the desired action, but wondered about this change. It requires a lot more precision and extra keystrokes to open the notes field and drag the file into that space – rather than just dragging it onto the really large action-as-a-whole. Okay, I know that sounds trivial, but low friction is the whole name of the game in task management, right?

Perhaps the good folks at OG would consider a UX change in which dragging a file onto an action added the file to the document, while dragging onto a empty space created a new project with that file attached. Thanks for thinking about it.

This nit aside, I love OF2!