An update broke the Place Image feature

My technical documentation team uses the Place Image feature often to take screenshots and then import them into OG. A couple of months ago, the Place Image option in the File menu placed screenshots at the correct size. Moreover, the screenshots were perfectly crisp.

Now, however, screenshot imported with Place Image are too large and slightly blurry. I think the problem is due to a recent update, of which there have been at least two in the past month.

I’ve reverted to the previous version of OG and am asking the members of my team to do the same.

I’m afraid our team isn’t aware of any images with the Place Image functionality in OmniGraffle yet, so if you’d be willing to contact us directly with more information about the issue, we’d love to investigate this further so we can try to fix this. Please use Help > Contact Omni or email our support team at with more information about the problem so we can try to look into this. If this is your first time reporting a bug, please follow the recommendations listed here.

The forums are a great place for community discussion, but if you’re having a problem with our software, the best way for us to investigate issues or provide technical assistance would be over email. Thank you!

My first sentence should have been this: “My technical documentation team uses the Place Image feature to import screenshots into OG.”

However, I’ve sent an email to support, so I hope to hear from the team soon.

Just out of curiosity, do you know about when the problem started? Every time I try to use 7.11.x, I end up back at 7.10.2 because I find something else that now doesn’t work.

I don’t know whether it was 7.11.x or 7.12.1. I hadn’t tried to import a screenshot since 7.10.x, and was using OG primarily to create diagrams from scratch. It’s only recently when I needed to import a screenshot that I noticed.

Wow! I didn’t know they started another round of test builds. Thanks. I will try out 7.12.2 and see if it is better than the .11 series.

Are you using “Grab” to get your screen shots? What format are you storing? I tried importing JPGs a couple times and some other formats but settled on PDFs which seem to stay clearer as long as the drawing isn’t too big.

I’m using my MacBook’s Screenshot utility, which creates .png files.