Animation seems like performance issue

When hovering over a task there is a small delay before the second row appears. It looks like an animation but feels like a delay / performance issue. Could we please get rid of that one as it is totally not useful.
You commonly see this in the inbox where you have tasks that doesn’t have any context/project assigned to it yet.

It makes it slightly harder to quickly and correctly position the mouse pointer over the context field…

I’m pretty sure this delay is deliberate. Otherwise, the secondary row would flash in and out of view when you’re not even aiming for that row, but just traveling across it on your way to somewhere else. That was painfully flickery.

It’s possible we could tweak the exact timing on the delay, though I doubt we could find a single delay that would please everyone. :)


Of course I haven’t seen this “flickering” so you might be right about that. I’m still thinking, instant is as snappy as it can get and right now it feels a little sluggish.