Annoyance when going to a perspective

One thing that has always annoyed me in OF is that when I enter a new perspective (for example moving from a custom Today perspective to a custom Planning perspective and back) I cannot just immediately hit the down arrow to move down my list. The focus is always on the sidebar where the contexts or projects are listed. I always have to type Option-Command-2 to move the focus to the list itself–every time. It seems logical that if I am explicitly moving to a specific perspective, I want to do some work in that perspective. Being able to move through the list up and down with the keyboard to highlight specific actions (and complete using the spacebar) seems like it should be default. Inevitably I will go to a new perspective, forget to hit the keyboard shortcut, hit the down arrow a few times to try to go to a particular action and the view changes (usually to one specific context rather than the group I have assigned to that perspective.)

I’d also prefer that behaviour to be the default one.
I suggest you get in touch with Omni support, via Help > Contact Omni on the app itself. There is no much we, users of the forum can do in that respect — apart of telling Omni what we want :-)

Thanks. Just did what you suggest.

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