Annoying OmniWeb 6 Behavior

These issues I can reproduce 95 out 100 times. I use OmniWeb 6 a lot during the day so issues 1+2 happen constantly and issue 3 happens every single time. My system is an early 2008 Mac Pro running OS X 10.11.6. All the issues started in August when OmniWeb started getting updated again on a regular basis.

1: OmniWeb 6 updates crashes OmniWeb. I have to check before every time I launch OmniWeb if there is an update. If I don’t and start using OmniWeb regardless what windows I have open OmniWeb 6 will crash when it checks for updates. It will generate a crash report and the Update Window. I lose all work done up to that point.

2: The spell corrector pop up bubble crashes OmniWeb. If I am in a Search Window or Bar and start typing in a search and a correction bubble comes up and I don’t hit the ‘X’ to ignore the suggestion or accept the suggestion in about 3 seconds OmniWeb will crash. I have not looked in Preferences if I can turn this off yet. That would be my fix for this.

3: Downloads no longer go where they are instructed to download to. In Preferences I have Downloads directed to go to Desktop. No matter how many times a change it to Desktop or Downloads it goes to /private/var/folders/t9/q3h0ct7j035034bycn_3jjb40000gn/T/com.omnigroup.OmniWeb6/OmniWeb-fmh-6 or somewhere similar to stated about with the -6 starting with -1 and incrementing depending how many times you have launched OmniWeb that day. All fine if you remember to Reveal the location from the OmniWeb Download window and grab the files before exiting OmniWeb otherwise they are gone for good.

I didn’t start having this issue until I had to start a new OW profile (the old one started with OW 5 a long time ago).

I’ve sent in the issue via feedback a few times-I have a bullet in my folder name, but it works when I save the location, but the info gets “lost” on quit. Interestingly, if I look in preferences, the proper folder name is displayed, but if I right/control-click on an item to download it, the contextual menu shows the real value.

Can anyone share where this preference value is stored? I’d like to try modifying it without OW running so that I can see if that “sticks”.