Annoying refresh when using the 'back' button

One thing I dislike about the new forum is when you have read a thread and press your browser’s back button (or use Safari’s swipe-to-back gesture), it goes briefly to the list of topics, then the content disappears and you get a loading spinner, then it goes to the list of topics again. Sometimes the scroll position is also messed up, so you lose track of where you were.

I wish we didn’t have this auto-refresh. I’d much rather go back to the page exactly as it was when I last saw it — I can press the refresh button myself if I want to reload it.

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I agree, it’s so annoying. My solution is to open all threads in a new tab.

Agreed. Also if you’re in a particular category (I only use Omnigraffle) it does not remember the category when it goes back. So I have to filter down each time. The behavior is the same whether I use the browser back button or click the category tag at the top of the page (to the left of the topic title). Very annoying.