Anonymize is Awesome

I love the Anonymize option! I’ve been wanting to submit screen recordings of behaviors and this makes it much easier. This will also help those who want to submit screenshots and aren’t familiar with blurring out data. I hope this sticks around in OF2 after the beta.

It’s located under Help > Anonymize Database.


No offense but I think you should cut down on the XXX in your life. ;)


Ha! I didn’t realize I walked into that one. :D

Unlikely we would remove this when we release the app. (OmniPlan has had an equivalent feature for quite a while.) Since there’s no use pretending the 2.0 release will be perfectly bug-free, it seems likely this tool will still be useful.


Great for uploading screenshots as well. Fantastic.


It’s definitely useful! Please tell the OmniVerse to keep it forever! There are times in the past, some bugs were not addressed because I didn’t have ScreenFlow at the time, and I didn’t want to send my database via email.

Now I can email my database as an ScreenFlow that isn’t blurred when coming across a bug.

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