Another day another sync problem


Another day another problem with sync. Has a solid explanation ever been given why The Omni Group felt the need to roll their own version of sync when this problem has been solved SO successful by Dropbox and iCloud already?

I have problems with OmniPresence all of the time, and it is preventing me from buying their iOS apps. Why are they reinventing the wheel?

I get the whole file package thing… but Keynote and Mindnode all use file packages and they work with iCould just fine.

In addition, it is not as if the Omni Group needs to work worry about PC compatibility. Wouldn’t it be easier to change they way their files are created then to create an entire sync engine??


@lowbudgetfun Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with OmniPresence! When we released OmniPresence, iCloud wasn’t a good sync option for our apps, and we felt that offering our own sync solution was the best option to provide our customers. That’s changed in recent years, and all of our document based iOS apps now fully support iCloud Drive. If iCloud is a better sync option for you than OmniPresence, there should be no reason you can’t use it to sync your documents!